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The Bent Scoop

“We Started The Bent Spoon, And Then We Bent The Scoop”.

The Bent Scoop is pleased to announce our newest plans to bring our delicious safe-to-eat edible raw cookie dough to you! No longer a single location in Burlington, Ontario we are expanding to bring our cookie dough across Canada!

Our Story

Our story starts off in a humourous way. Why did we create our safe-to-eat cookie dough? Well, because sometimes students don’t listen to their teacher.

The Bent Scoop started off years ago as a Soup and Sandwich restaurant under the brand The Bent Spoon, located in beautiful downtown Burlington, Ontario. A few years ago Murray Zehr was thinking about adding some new signature desserts to the restaurant at Holiday time. Prime cookie making time of the year.

Here is the tipping point. Raw flour is bad. Very bad. We will explain why it is very bad.

Murray was educating students (he is a former high school Instructor in Cooking and Baking) while making cookies with them. He explained why raw flour is bad. Very bad. He explained the potential contaminants that could be found in raw flour. He explained the untreated process of flour and why raw flour has to be treated like raw chicken. He, truly and whole-heartedly, explained that raw flour is bad. Very bad. And then he turned his back to put some dirty dishes away in the sink. He turned back to the mixer and the table, and just like the last 15 years or so of being a teacher and giving the same speech, he found the students with their fingers in the bowl. Not all the students though…………… some were licking the spatulas!

He went to his soup and sandwich restaurant that night and started thinking. His thought process was simple. Lets work on making cookie dough that is safe to eat in its raw form.

Why raw is bad

Science. It’s complicated science with charts and graphs and fear-mongering from the CDC, the FDA, or whatever governing body is overseeing your area or your country. Lets uncomplicate it.

Flour processing 101. Flour grows in fields. Lots of wildlife and dirt and worms and poop. Yup, we said it….. poop.

We grow the wheat. We harvest the wheat. We grind the wheat. We package the wheat. We ship the wheat. You buy the wheat. No where in there is any actual “cooking” happening. Nothing is killing off the bad stuff. Very bad stuff.

Why we are different and safe to eat cookie dough

First of all. We omit the eggs. Egg-free cookie dough (it doesn’t bake very well because eggs act as the coagulant that hold the cookie together, but why ruin a good thing? We crafted our dough to be eaten raw). Most importantly we “cook” our flour to a certain temperature for a certain time. Science with charts and graphs of course. Bottom line, we remove the chance of any contaminant making you sick. Use your fingers, a spatual, a spoon etc…. You decide the vehicle that brings this delicious dough to your mouth.

Why did we take so long from closing our store until now?

We wanted everything perfect. We didn’t want to rush things. We wanted to ensure the quality of our product was consistent from the old days making our dough in a 20-quart mixer in our little restaurant, to the new cookie dough factory we have now. Oh….. the good ole days. Life was much simpler when we didn’t know what BMP’s were (Basic Manufacturing Practices). Now? State of the art facility inspected by The Canadian Food Inspection Agency with lot numbers and batch numbers. HACCP certified, Kosher certification, the works. Took almost 2 years……. worth it!


We are pleased to announce we are moving into Cineplex across Canada to bring our dough to you. Currently we are in 4 locations and will be expanding in the new year. Cineplex chefs have been very busy (and happy!) creating unique and tasty concoctions from The Bent Scoop dough.


The good news doesn’t end yet. We have partnered with New Wave Ice Cream (probably the best ice cream on the planet) and they will be handling logistics of our 5.7 Liter cookie dough bases (We will explain the bases). Do you want cookie dough for your restaurant, your food service corporation or your ice cream shop? If so, we have you covered. You can order our cookie dough through New Wave Ice Cream based out of London, Ontario.

Partnership with New Wave Ice Cream & Contact information

For any and all inquiries about our dough, pricing, logistics of transport etc please contact the incredibly handsome Abbi at abbi@newwaveicecream.com

He will hook you up with our dough. He is good like that.

Bases. Why just Bases?

In our storefront we offered a crazy amount of flavours. Like, over 100 flavours. When we expanded we decided to sell the bases only. Currently we offer Classic and Brownie bases. Why just the bases? Focus groups. When we sat down with our focus group friends they clearly explained that some like more chocolate chips, some like less birthday sprinkles, some like to throw in coconut, some like caramel mixed in, some like Skor bits, etc.. (We can keep going and going). End of the day the decision was simple. It is challenging to make the base dough in the restaurants and ice cream shops, with the charts and the graphs and the science, etc…. but the group loved the idea of taking bases and making them their own signature flavour profiles. Some were making cookie dough ice cream milkshakes, some were making cookie dough ice cream sandwiches, and some were getting very creative with their ideas. Think Matcha. Think dirt n worms. Think cookies n cream. Think crazy. Mix in whatever you want with a spoon, a spatula or a mixer.

About our CEO Murray Zehr

Murray has over 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. He is formerly the Head of the Culinary Arts and Chef Training department at a high school in Burlington.

Murray has successfully owned and operated 8 restaurants during his teaching career. In addition to creating the concepts for each of these restaurants, prior to entering education Murray was the Executive Chef overseeing a chain of eight restaurants with over $40 million in annual sales.

Murray’s accomplishments in the culinary world are extensive, including working with the Food Network for the popular television show Chopped Canada, as well as cooking for Prince Charles and Gordon Ramsey.

Murray has dedicated his time to giving back to his community, including public speaking, fundraising, and keynote speaking for over 15 charities including local churches, organizations and Hospices.

Murray has written numerous food and beverage columns in newspapers and appeared on local television numerous times. One restaurant even aired on an episode of Dragon’s Den.

Murray has graduated from Sault College, Queen’s University, Brock University and the University of Toronto through various programs. Murray is also a former Instructor at both Brock University and the University of Toronto. Murray hails from a long line of entrepreneurs including his grandfather Clifford Zehr, the founder of Zehrs Supermarkets.

Currently, on top of overseeing delicious dough, Murray Zehr is building two very unique Chef Training colleges in both Ontario and the picturesque Prince Edward Island. The Ontario location has been named The 1909 Culinary Academy (an old school house built in 1909) on an acre of property in the country in Oxford County. The Prince Edward Island location is named The Island Steeple, as it is being renovated into a culinary school and was a beautiful former church in Hunter River.

For Media Peeps

For additional information, or to book radio interviews or television interviews please contact info@thebentscoop.com and we will organize Murray Zehr to come out and meet you to talk about The Bent Scoop cookie dough. There is a really good chance you will be making Cookie Dough Ice Cream Milkshakes, Cookie Dough Sundaes and Cookie Dough everything with him!

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