We are excited to offer our Edible Raw Cookie Dough at weddings, birthdays and other special events. We provide a catering style menu to meet the needs of your special day with many options for you to choose from.

We can provide party favours that you can offer as a gift to your guests. We have the ability to customize stickers, tags or cards to accompany each serving of dough with the names and date of the new couple, or a message of thanks to those that attend.

We also off custom “Build-Your-Own” Cookie Dough Buffets. We supply the cookie dough bases and toppings, so the party guests can scoop their own dough and dress it up however they like! And you can choose what bases and toppings to include in your buffet, and build from our buffet menu!


A little about our Edible Raw Cookie Dough…


Why is this cookie dough safe to eat, and not others?

Regular, unbaked cookie dough is not safe to eat because of the raw ingredients (eggs and flour) which can contain bacteria and contaminants that could cause someone to become sick (Salmonella, E. Coli, etc). We have eliminated these risks by removing the eggs and using a special heat-treated flour, which is specially heated to a temperature (165 degrees at 12% moisture) to ensure any potential bacteria or contaminants are killed off.


Is it safe for pregnant women to eat?

Yes. Because we have eliminated the raw ingredients, it is completely safe to consume while pregnant!


How long does the Edible Raw Cookie Dough last?

The dough can remain unrefrigerated for up to one week. (It is perfectly safe to sit out during the event, especially if you want that frosting-like, creamy consistency). It can be refrigerated to give it a firmer texture, which many people prefer. Refrigerating the dough extends its shelf life by up to 4 weeks.


Does the dough contain nuts?

Although only a few of our flavours actually have nuts in the recipe, we can not guarantee that our other doughs have not come into contact with any allergens. Our doughs are mixed on shared equipment, and although we take proper care to thoroughly clean everything between mixing, we can’t be absolutely sure our doughs are completely nut-free. If there are any concerns, or if there are severe allergies, please be aware we are NOT a nut-free facility and to consume our doughs with discretion.

Party Favours

Party Favours – Single Full Serving (5oz)

*Includes custom printed sticker, tag or card*

  • Under 50 – $4.95 each
  • 51 – 99 – $4.45 each
  • 100 or more – $3.95 each

Build-Your-Own Cookie Dough Buffet

Build-Your-Own Cookie Dough Buffet Set Up – $349.95 (Inclusive Price)

*Serves up to 50 people*

  • Cookie Dough Canvas (6 litres – 50 x ½ cup servings)
    • Choose up to 3 different flavours (2 litres of each)
      • Classic, Sugar Cookie, Brownie, Peanut Butter
    • Get Saucy with a Cherry on Top
      • Chocolate Sauce (2 cups)
      • Caramel Sauce (2 cups)
      • Strawberry Sauce (2 cups)
      • 50 maraschino cherries
    • Top It Off
      • Choose 6 different toppings (2 cups of each)
        • Chocolate Chips
        • Rainbow Chips
        • Sprinkles: rainbow or ask for specific colours – we can mix them*
        • Confetti (Birthday Cake) Sprinkles
        • “Sparkly Sugar” – ask for a specific colour*
        • Shredded Coconut
        • Mini marshmallows (4 cups)
        • Crushed Graham Cracker
        • Peanuts
        • Rolled oats
      • Premium Toppings (Counts as 2)
        • Skor Bits
        • Crushed Oreos
        • Candied Ginger
        • Dried Mango
        • Dried Cranberries
        • Reese’s Pieces
        • White Chocolate Chips

Customize or A La Carte – 10% off with purchase of Set Up Pack

  • Bump Up the Base
    • 2L (one flavour) – $70
    • 4L (up to 2 flavours) – $130
    • 6L (up to 3 flavours) – $200
  • Extra Saucy with Cherries on Top
    • Single Sauce – $12
    • More Cherries (50) – $20
    • All The Fixings – $55
  • Top Up the Toppings
    • Basic Topping – $20 each
    • Premium Toppings – $35 each


*colours of sprinkles and sugars are based on availability

Sweet Treats and Trays

Sweet Treats and Trays

  • Cookie Dough Bites – Bite Sized Balls of Dough-liciousness
    • Small (24 pieces) – $24.95
    • Large (48 pieces) – $48.95
  • Truffle Trays – Our Cookie Dough Bites, Rolled in an Extra Yummy Coating
    • Small (24 pieces) – $35.95
    • Large (48 pieces) – $69.95

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